The Switch from G Suite to Office 365 for Small Businesses

For small business owners, one of the most challenging operational problem to address is adjusting resources, systems, and processes to the growing demand of existing clients and potential clients. This is more commonly called scalability issues, or problems encountered as the company increases its scale, coverage, and size. Unlike the first industrial revolution where much of the problems are resolved by increasing manpower, hiring more people to improve production capacity and speed, today’s scalability doesn’t always depend on a larger manpower base. It’s usually a combination of manpower,  automation, IT functions, and operational processes.

Office365 Migration could be one of the most common services being offered by a typical IT Company in Sydney for small businesses in the city. Many times, small businesses don’t have the capacity to hire a full-time IT specialist, thus, outsourcing becomes the most accessible option for a business manager. So far, G Suite has been the most common platform for businesses to perform several functions in the cloud. Office 365 Migration has become a top choice due to the “completeness” and singularity of the system, which easily aligns with existing software in the local machines, specifically office applications.

This support article from Microsoft thoroughly outlines the steps for a migration from G Suite to Office 365.

The switch from G Suite to Office 365 Business Premium is not necessarily an easy decision, but it’s worth it. Office 365 is the most popular Office 365 Business Plan which includes crucial apps such as Outlook, which technically holds the information on eMail, Calendar, and Contacts all in one place.

One of the fantastic support provided by Microsoft is their rich and regularly updated Training Resources to navigate through the system. This makes it easy for many small businesses to migrate from G Suite to Office 365. But, such as any IT-related move, it may be best to consult specialists or an IT Company in Sydney to have a smooth and guided transition from G Suite to Office 365.