Twitter Advertisers Can Now Schedule Tweets

Yesterday, October 14, Twitter made a vital change that will make the ‘tweetpeeps’ excited, especially the advertisers—as it was particularly made for them.

The update allows them to time their tweets to a specific time (in case they forgot, or can’t tweet at the time they wanted); this also gives them the chance to place the tweets during future events and similar ad campaigns. These tweets can be either organic or promoted (paid) and all languages are supported.

Another new in the Twitter ad management is the “Creatives” tab. Advertisers will use this to manage all tweets and Twitter Cards.

Below are screenshots:

  1. To start a scheduling a tweet, click on the “Compose Tweet” button located in the upper right.

NOTE: You should be in the URL.



         2.  The “Creatives” tab provides controls for the scheduling of tweets. While in the        tab, you can edit the “Delivery”, “Promotion”, and “Scheduling”; this is where you indicate the desired date and time for a particular tweet.


With regards to this update, Twitter released this statement:

”With scheduled Tweets, you can publish content at any time without having staff on-call to Tweet on evenings, weekends, holidays, or other inconvenient times. Advertisers also gain the flexibility to plan content in advance for events like premieres and product releases.