Updates In The IT Solution Service World

Numerous small to medium businesses opt to outsource IT solution service from an experienced IT managed services team to keep their business networks secure and to quickly resolve technical problems should they arise.

Optimists think, nay believe, that such horrible digital deluge could not happen to them since they have already installed an anti-virus program on their machines. Procrastinators realise all too late that they should have acquired an IT solutions service after they experience machine failure and lose valuable business data. What may have been perceived as a not so urgent or unnecessary expense then becomes the only saving grace because the enterprise would not be able to function without the business information that they could no long access. Skeptics think that paying a monthly fee for IT solutions service for somebody to wait for things to go wrong so that they could step in and fix it is not worth the money but it is not just about fixing problems, it’s also about preventing them from happening and keeping your machines on tip top shape for maximum performance. IT solutions service teams do not stare at the monitor to wait for anomalies, clients just do not know that they are busy at work doing updates and applying various tweaks to make sure the clients business process runs smoothly. The tech world quickly evolves and changes could happen every hour or every day. Here are just some of the many changes that have occurred in the past fortnight.


Goodbye Java Plugin

Oracle announced that the upcoming version of the Java software will not need to be directly plugged into web browsers. This is great news for IT solutions service teams that know all too well that many computers get infected with malware because of drive-by malicious software that exploits the weaknesses of Java plugins that are outdated and this affects various operating systems and many browsers. Oracle says that 97% of enterprise machines use Java that is why Java JRE (most commonly present in end-user computers) has been one of the most targeted softwares of digital deviants who create malwares.

Exploit kits are hidden, just laying in wait, in various malicious websites, until a machine that has an outdated Java program visits the site, then it launches an attack that silently installs malware onto the user’s machine. An adept IT solutions service team will not only make sure  to keep up with important updates, but they can also add filters for such malicious websites so you and your staff would not mistakenly visit similar websites and unintentionally download and spread malicious programs that can steal valuable business information and damage your machines.


Free For All SSL Certificates From Symantec

By 2018, Symantec aims to have all websites using SSL encryption to protect users worldwide. Symantec’s cyber security strategy APJ manager Nick Savvides says that a huge number of websites do not currently use  the encryption program due to technical and cost concerns. A whopping 97% of websites do not have even the basics of encryption security. The Encryption Everywhere agenda will remove the cost barrier by forming partnerships with hosting companies that will be choosing to adopt SSL as their default choice. It is great news for IT solutions service that the technical aspect will also be easier with cPanel and WHMCS administrative panels. Other security services like scanning websites for vulnerabilities and malware will be offered as paid upgrades and hosting companies will also benefit with a certain percentage of the revenue.

Savvides mentioned that 75% of sites have vulnerabilities that are unpatched and 16% of them are of critical importance. He says that we have a bigger online security problem than we realise. With this wonderful program from Symantec, web security will surely be enforced better and IT solutions service groups will have more time to focus on other areas that can help businesses productivity.


Ransomeware Jigsaw Is On Sale

A ransomeware is a malicious software that could paralyze your business network and systems altogether by encrypting your business data. The users are then directed to the hacker’s page to make a bitcoin payment of $150 or a number of the encrypted data will be deleted (with different time intervals) from the infected machines. The author of the Jigsaw malware has put his source code up for sale for the amount of only $130 USD.

Forecepoint reports that as of the first of June 2016, the malware author has already made 24 sales. IT solutions service teams should keep a close watch because more and more newbies and greedy cyber criminals will be targeting small businesses for extortion.