Web Design and Development, an Integral Part of any Managed IT Service Plan

Web Design and Development, an Integral Part of any Managed IT Service Plan

This 2016, the significance and demand of a robust and effective website will definitely increase for businesses worldwide.  Every time a new business establishes an online presence, the competition for online traffic gets more intense.  Without a properly and effectively designed website, a company loses out on potential revenue from a very expansive avenue.  This is why it is important to make sure that web design and development is included in your managed IT service plan.

Entrusting the design and development of your website to a managed IT service provider allows you to harness the expertise of skilled front and back end site designers and developers who are familiar with what it takes for your online presence to effectively attract online traffic.  Additionally, there are other services that are geared towards improving visibility and search engine ranking.

For a website to be effective it has to meet three essential criteria.  First, the overall aesthetic appeal of the design has to be attention-grabbing. Potential visitors need to be pulled in by the overall look of a site so every single design element should be carefully considered from the colours, typography, graphics and layout.  When considering your managed IT service plan, it won’t hurt to ask about web design and development solutions.  If sample sites are available for viewing, a quick look through would give you an initial idea of the extent of their design capabilities.

Second, ease of navigation is important as well.  Always keep in mind that potential customers are online because they are looking for the best, the fastest and the most efficient business to fill a specific need.  A managed IT service provider with an experience team of designers and developers knows how to first get a potential customer to the site and second, to get them to stay and look around.  Browsing your business site should give the customer a robust and interactive experience which can quickly give them the information they are searching for without having to go through an obstacle of surplus pages and frames.

Third and probably the one to watch for this 2016 is making sure that a website is designed and developed to be mobile-friendly.  Ask your managed IT service provider about how this can be achieved for your existing site or for a site you wish to have designed and developed.  Mobile browsing is quickly replacing traditional browsing on desktops and laptops as more and more people have become mobile device dependent.