What does CMSIT do?

Everything under the Information Technology “universe”! CMSIT’s renowned expertise covers a lot of ground offering your organisation and business IT Solutions all in one place. IT Support, Cloud Hosting, Office 365 Migration, Malwarebytes End Point Protection, Virtualization, Managed IT Security, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, Disaster Recovery and Website and Apps Development just to name a few of our services. Our Information Technology Services will see to it that your business is ready to meet the challenges and demands of the future.

CMSIT provides state-of-the-art and well-organized IT solutions and services which increase overall administrative competence that saves time and money and at the same time helps one to achieve the business growth one aspires. CMSIT’s knowledgeable and well trained Information Technology experts play an important role in any business sector and in the lives of consumers as a whole most especially nowadays where internet and Social Media skills are a must to get ahead in any endeavor.

Full Managed IT Service Support – We handle your organisations’ entire IT Support and infrastructure requirements. With this in mind, business owners and management can focus more on the important business matters on hand and leave the technical aspect to us. You can farm out your company’s Information Technology requirements and if something goes wrong, we will be the ones to provide the solutions and fix the problem.

Cloud Hosting – Move your business forward through cloud hosting solutions. We can create and tailor fit Information Technology solutions that help reduce cost, increase employee productivity and make your organisation accessible anywhere around the world. Cloud Hosting enables you to store and access your data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s own hard drive. Cloud servers offer the matching capabilities and utilities as a typical server but are retrieved from a cloud service provider.

Virtualization –We offer virtualization packages to optimise your company’s IT department. With this service you can significantly reduce your IT overheads by minimising your physical infrastructure or sections of it. How you want to customize your package is up to you. You can choose from Server Virtualization Services, Desktop Virtualization or Application Virtualization.

Managed IT Security –We can ensure that all company data and apps are protected 24/7. Have the peace of mind that your business IT is not compromised in any way. There’s Network Security against spam, viruses, malware and file corruption which are just some of the possible threats to your network. IP Surveillance for securing your premises, maintaining your worker’s safety and undertake scientific surveillance. We can specifically provide you remote video monitoring, IP cameras, IP surveillance software support and maintenance and backup storage for video footage. Digital Forensic silent threats such as fraud, laundering, information leaks and IP theft could damage your business. Never be a victim of threats by placing a system in place that will identify these types of malicious activities.

Disaster Recovery–We tailor-fit disaster recovery plans to suit your business. This ensures management that whatever incident occurs whether a flood, fire or theft occurs, vital company information is never compromised and is well protected all the time.

We try to do everything to make your business succeed.