What is Cloud Hosting Solutions?

There are so many reasons to “take it to the cloud”. Cloud computing isn’t just the latest business catch-cry. It offers very real benefits like mobility, cost-savings, productivity and ease of management. At CMS IT, we take cloud hosting solutions seriously including all the benefits that they can offer to both small-to-medium enterprises and larger corporates. CMS IT can provide completely tailored cloud hosting solutions in any of the following:

  • Cloud hosted application solutions providing both in-house and remote users fast and efficient “road warrior” access to legacy applications
  • Cloud hosted server storage providing you with massive amounts of cloud storage space without the hassles of backup and lightning speed accessibility
  • Colocation services providing you with high-availability solutions for your infrastructure
  • Client independent solutions providing sales people with Windows 7 desktops thru their iPads, Android tablets and smart phones

When it comes to your storage and hosting needs, the bottom line is simple – CMS IT can make use of cloud technology to best achieve your goals.

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