What is Digital Forensics?

There may come a time in your business that you suspect fraud, laundering, information leaks, IP theft or any one of a number of malicious activities. If that time has come, it is time to investigate. If that time hasn’t yet arrived, it may be time to put in place systems to identify and mitigate this malicious activity.

Whether by your current staff, past staff or a total outsider, these crimes can have a hugely negative impact on your business, your reputation, even your customers. Capture evidence and thwart future malicious activity using CMS IT’s digital forensic services. CMS IT offers digital forensic services using cutting edge technology such as user monitoring, volatile data collection to ensure the chain of evidence is maintained.

Allow our digital forensic service help provide answers to:

  • Suspected fraud
  • Laundering
  • Information Leaks
  • Extortion
  • Misuse of data, email, internet or other resources
  • Employee misconduct

Talk to CMS IT about your concerns – CMS IT will have a qualified and registered digital forensic personnel to help provide all the evidence you need.

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