What is Hosted Desktop?

Have you noticed that your desktop hardware budget is ballooning every year?

The constant fixing of operating system issues, upgrades, patches, virus issues and security incurs a significant expense in any organisation. Now, Imagine a hassle-free desktop environment and its upgrades done in one smooth transition, saving time, money and stress. Add to that the flexibility of a system allowing your users to access their entire desktop away from the office with the speed and power of enterprise servers delivered to them.

CMS IT hosted desktop solutions offers a perception-free user experience using PCoIP. Unlike other hosted desktop solutions, even full 3D applications and rich-multimedia content work as if on a normal physical desktop. Powered alongside VMWARE, Citrix or RemoteFX environments, CMS IT can deliver a hosted desktop solution without the worry of upgrades, patches, and costly software / hardware reinstallations.

When it comes to your hosted desktop needs, the bottom line is simple – CMS IT can provide you with hosted desktop solutions that improve your productivity and reduce your costs and stress.

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