What is IP Telephony/PABX Solutions?

In this tough financial climate are you on the constant lookout to minimise expenses? Imagine being able to reduce your telephone bills and improve communications with one simple solution. IP Telephony is that solution. CMS IT can advise and implement an IP Phone system to meet your specific requirements.

If your business needs a PABX solution, CMS IT can advise, supply and install a PABX to suit. CMS IT have the capability to offer a number of Managed Telephony solution that allows you to have the latest equipment without the hefty capital outlay.

Managed Telephony means CMS IT take 100% responsibility for the choice, design, installation and maintenance of your system.

Allow us to tailor an IP telephony or PABX solution to improve your communications whilst reducing your phone expenses.

Please email sales@crosspoint-telecom.com for all IP PBX/PABX and Telephony solutions or visit www.crosspoint-telecom.com

Contact CMS IT to find out how we can make IT simple.