What is Managed IT Security Services?

Using the latest WatchGuard XTM network Security Appliances CMS IT can provide you with an end to end managed firewall solution for your organisation. We can take out the headache from you and safeguard your entire network from security breaches and reduce all the possible risk that a would-be attacker can provide.

Our Managed IT Security services can give you peace of mind by implementing the following services

  • Our Managed IT Security services can give you peace of mind by implementing the following services
  • Web traffic content filtering – block and monitor all the traffic and view it in an easy to read report. Highest website usage per user, most commonly visited website and the ability to block any website including Facebook and also provide ‘lunch time’ access to recreational and personal websites including Facebook.
  • Application Control – ever wanted to know what applications your users are using to communicate outside your network? With Application control you can! We can detect and block or allow any specific application that is installed on your computers
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus services for your mail server – with the latest WatchGuard XCS appliance, we can give you a very low cost anti-spam solution bundled with the latest anti virus mail scanning engine.
  • Mobile VPN access with Single Sign on – provide all your remote users with the ease of access of WatchGuard’s SSL VPN which will always guaranteed to work from just about anywhere. Ever had issues with your VPN not being able to connect when you are in a hotel room or overseas, call us now so we can help!
  • Branch Office VPN – using WatchGuard’s BOVPN technology, we can deliver a fully managed VPN service to you with 24 x 7 monitoring and reporting
  • Internet Load Balancing and Line Aggregation – If your business relies heavily on the internet then a fail over link is what you need. A lot of ‘backup’ or fail-over links are just passive connections but with CMS IT’s managed IT Security services, your multiple internet connections work together to improving web traffic performance for your entire business. Call us now how you can have this technology.

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