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What to Expect When Signing up for Managed IT Services in Sydney

What to Expect When Signing up for Managed IT Services in Sydney

Application development, application maintenance, data centre operations, database administration, desktop support, disaster recovery services, help desk services, IT security, network operations, SaaS/Hosted Applications, web/e-commerce systems.  Based on recently concluded survey of small to medium companies, these are some the top IT functions most utilized in the industry today and providers of managed IT services in Sydney include in their service agreements.

  1. Application Development is a structured process of creating a customized program to perform day to day operational tasks like keeping track of sales transactions, maintaining customer details and accelerating business process within the company.   However, most companies that provide managed IT services in Sydney can also recommend third party pre-programmed applications that can be customized to fit the needs of their customers.
  2. Application maintenance on the other hand is maintaining and optimizing existing applications so that productivity and efficiency is kept at the most optimal level.
  3. Data centre operations refers to the storage and access you have to company files. It is relevant that these files are protected in a secure location to preserve important information.  Third party providers of managed IT services also often include backups and restorations to ensure that their customers do not lose important proprietary information relevant to their business operations.
  4. Database administration is the overall management of the design, layout and implementation of the computer database. It requires an upkeep of the performance and modifications to ensure that everything is working at its best.  This service often includes proactive monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrading; often handled by database and network experts within the company that’s providing managed IT services in Sydney.
  5. Desktop support refers to the technical support provided to users for their requests and inquiries such as repairs for software and hardware issues.  This is normally done onsite but managed IT services in Sydney also provide remote helpdesk support so customers can call in for their problems thereby reducing downtimes.
  6. Disaster recovery services refer to the gathering and duplication of data at a secure remote location to ensure no data is lost in case man-made or natural disaster hit your main IT facility.
  7. Help desk support as previously discussed is a 24/7 desktop and network support provided to companies through managed IT services in Sydney that ensures no time is wasted on unnecessary downtimes or long waits for onsite support to arrive.  This is also beneficial for companies who have employees working remotely
  8. SaaS/Hosted Applications – Software as a Service or SaaS is a hosted service accessed over the internet to be able to run the business in an affordable and hassle-free way.  Providers of managed IT services in Sydney that offer this type of service helps their customers find more cost-effective software solutions without sacrificing quality of service and work.
  9. Web, e-commerce services help companies that sign up for managed IT services in Sydney market and promote their services or products through web development, social media structuring and management and content-driven search engine optimization.

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