Windows 10 Outperforms OS X on Apple’s New MacBook

Windows 10 Outperforms OS X on Apple’s New MacBook

There’s a lot to be said about how much of an improvement Windows 10 is over all its predecessors weeks before its official release.  Experts in the IT support industry who have gotten their hands on the pre-release version has been singing almost nothing but praises.  However, none of it resonates as loud as getting rave performance reviews on how much better it runs the new Apple MacBook compared to the OS X.

Alex King, a Tufts University computer science student has been running Windows 10 on his month old 2015 MacBook through the multi-boot utility Boot Camp and his results are seriously impressive.  He wrote about the step by step process of installing and running the pre-released version of Windows 10 on his blog, saying:

Here’s the real kicker: it’s fast. It’s smooth. It renders at 60FPS unless you have a lot going on. It’s unequivocally better than performance on OS X, further leading me to believe that Apple really needs to overhaul how animations are done.

… So maybe it’s ironic that in some regards, the new MacBook runs Windows 10 (a prerelease version, at that) better than it runs OS X. But it’s a testament to two things: Apple’s fantastic MacBook hardware, which is forward-thinking yet surprisingly agile; and Microsoft’s excellent Windows software …

IT support experts point out that it is important to note however, that King had to do some minor tweaking before he got Windows 10 running perfectly on his Mac.  He had to install Trackpad++, a special trackpad software and re-run the installation of drivers (a step which Microsoft recommended to be skipped over initially).  The complete and detailed step by step process of his tweaks can also be seen on his blog.

He also has this to say about Cortana, the Windows 10 voice over support,”Cortana is an excellent addition, and I think it’s only a matter of time before Apple rolls Siri into OS X somehow. Being able to say ‘Hey Cortana, what’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?’ from across the room is really, really cool.”

Another discovery King made was that Windows 10 does not kill the battery, “Battery life seemed very good from the short time I used it. I didn’t fully deplete the battery, but I was on track to get over 9 hours of use with brightness at 40 percent.”

It’s not all roses though. King did find some bugs on the Windows 10 software noting that it sometimes slows down.  On the whole however, he was extremely happy with how well Windows 10 performs on his 2015 Mac that he encourages even the diehard OS X fans to give the newest Microsoft release a try for themselves.