Windows 10 Showcases Some of its Coolest Features before July 29 Launch

Windows 10 Showcases Some of its Coolest Features before July 29 Launch

Are you jumping out of your skin with barely contained excitement over the nearing Windows 10 full launch?  Are you thinking along the lines of “so near and yet so far?”  There is less than 3 weeks to go before you can finally enjoy the much awaited and hyped up Windows operating system release.  To help make the days go faster, here’s a small guide to some of Windows 10’s coolest features tested by a team of techs as part of a service providing managed IT in Sydney.

We’ve all read about the comeback of the heavily missed Start Menu and the appearance of Cortana – Microsoft’s equivalent of Siri.  However, there is a whole list of new features that you’ve probably not heard of.  Here are a few just to get you started:


It’s more than just a Browser

Windows 10 will see the introduction of Microsoft Edge – a browser with a whole ton of fun and useful features.  On the upper right-hand corner of the Edge browser resides its editing tools which lets you take screenshots easily.  The tools also allow you to either share Web pages or save them using OneNote.  Additionally, you can also highlight, write on or annotate the web page with a digital marker and highlighter.


A multi-tasker’s Virtual Paradise

If you’re a certified multi-tasker and like to have all your tasks open and visible at the same time, Windows 10 allows you to do just that with Virtual Desktops.  It’s like having a second monitor.  Each virtual desktop can have several tasks or programs open and switching between virtual desktops is as easy as pressing your Windows key + CTRL key and the left or right arrow keys.  To create a virtual desktop, just hit Windows + CTRL + D and to close the current desktop you’re on, just hit Windows + CTRL + F4.  Piece of cake.  Now you can multitask to your heart’s content.  One of the testers from the firm that provides managed IT in Sydney swears by this feature as it let him easily access all his tasks without having to hook up his laptop to a separate monitor.


Heightened Security Measures with Device Guard

Windows 10 will also come with two-factor authentication and data loss prevention.  These two new, very important features, will allow IT admins to separate corporate and personal information across multiple Windows 10 devices.  This is especially beneficial to firms that provide managed IT in Sydney as it will lower the risk of hacking and malware attacks.