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Cloud Computing – IT Services Smartest Choice for Businesses Everywhere

For a company that is on the move towards expansion and development, it is more efficient – cost and productivity wise, to utilize cloud computing IT services.  What cloud computing essentially does is, it takes away the necessity to keep purchasing additional hardware and software components whenever the need to expand comes up.  Quite simply, […]

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Backup and Recovery – Your Company’s Best IT Solution is Prevention

Most of the time these days, because of all the technological advancements coming out one after the other, we have the tendency to get overwhelmed and bogged down by a barrage of information. This causes quite a number of businesses to plan without taking into consideration all the internal factors that could lead to an […]

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A Good IT Solution: Virtualization and its Role in Business

Virtualization is progressively becoming one of the most integral business IT solutions for companies everywhere.  It is quickly taking over half of all server workloads, streamlining software solutions, freeing up valuable resources and significantly reducing overhead expenditures.  Increasingly, IT solutions providers are offering virtualization management as part of their services and businesses have started paying […]

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How to set up your email on your Android device

Are you going on a short holiday but still need to stay connected to the office without spending so much on long distance or overseas calls?  Set up your email account on your Android device.  It’s easy enough to do by doing the following steps: Tap SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS > ADD ACCOUNT > EMAIL > […]

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Protect Your Online Privacy – According To IT Support

These days, you can’t go on any social media platform without reading about someone “accidentally” posting private, explicit photos of themselves, some home getting burgled whilst everyone was out of the house or a potential employer getting turned off because of a person’s Google results.  All of this can easily be avoided with just a […]

Email account for iOS

How to add an email account on your iOS device

These days, it’s almost unheard of to not have your email account set up on your phone.  This is especially true for people who are always on the go; those who work remotely and those who are going away on holiday but still want to keep up with what’s happening in the office. If you’re […]

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Why Small to Medium Businesses Need Managed IT Services

Whether you run a small or medium sized business, technology will always play a major role on productivity, efficiency and especially these days, communications.  To ensure that every aspect of your business runs as smoothly as possible, you have to stay on top of technology and we all know how tough that is to do […]

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2014’s Best Gadgets of the Year Roundup | CMS IT

2014 has been quite the year for gadgets.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d have heard about a new smartphone, tablet, smart gear and various other tech toys getting released almost every few months.  Some were hits, others – not so much.  A lot has been written, read and talked about which gadgets […]

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5 of the Best Technology Christmas Gifts of 2014

Not sure what’s hip and happening in the world of consumer technology this Christmas? Let us help you out by giving you our top 5 best technology Christmas Gifts for 2014.   1. Pebble Steel Smartwatch This part of the technology world is fairly new to everyone and has only been embraced by a small […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Cloud

First off, what is Cloud? The Cloud refers to a centralised location on the Internet that stores data, making it accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. Why Cloud for your small business? Reduced Cost – No need to invest in expensive physical file storage. Everything is stored “in the cloud” so there’s nothing for your […]

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6 tips that will keep you safe online during this Christmas period

It’s that time of the year again, and more and more people than ever are buying gifts and presents via the internet than by traditional methods. Let’s face it, unless you’re buying food, who doesn’t want to do their Christmas shopping online from the comfort of their own homes or even via mobile especially when […]

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Here’s why Windows 9 was skipped and went straight to Windows 10…

So we were graced with the wonders of Windows 8 back in 2012 and minutes after its announcement people were crying for the release of what should have been Windows 9. Two years later and Microsoft have announced their follow up to Windows 8 and gave it the name…. Windows 10. Now, it does come […]


10 tech tips that will surprisingly mke things that much easier

Ah, the people of the internet just love to make things that much easier and efficient for our everyday life. However, for all of technology’s innovations, there are still some little nuances that you just CAN live without, right? Well, here are some easy little tech tips that you may not have known about that […]

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Data Recovery | CMS IT

In this time of technological advancement and dependency, the company that you have been growing and cultivating for years could come crashing down within moments… all at the hands of some misplaced series of 1s and 0s. There will always be losses and highs in terms of profit and revenue – but the loss of […]



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CMS IT’s iPad Air Review…

Last November 1, all-saint’s day, Apple released its latest upgrade on one of its hallowed devices… the iPad. iPad Air is officially the 5th edition of the gadget since its release in April 2010. Almost all reviews for the ‘Air’ have been positive. With CMS IT being one of the top IT service providers in […]


5 Cool iPhone Apps For 2013

From the iPhone’s inception in June of 2007, apps have meant a great deal to its users. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the iPhone 1 or the just recently released iPhone 5c, stacking it up with apps is still one of the best ways to get your money’s worth out of the phone. And […]

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5 Advantages In Getting Managed IT Service

Nowadays, having a superior management of its computers is a top necessity for businesses; it heavily impacts their success as it affects various parts of the infrastructure. This service will productively outsource your IT department to an IT service provider that has proficiency in networks, computers, and all IT-related stuff. Instant benefits are guaranteed with […]


CMS IT’s Halloween Special: 5 Viruses That Haunted Our Computers

Computer viruses have been a big part of our computer life—though obviously not in a good way.  All of us have experienced its annoying wrath. Some made random pop-ups of pornography; some automatically restarts the computer; some erases the entire hard drive; and some will make the computer a zombie or a robot.  The impact […]


Viral Video Marketing 101

What do you have to do to create a viral commercial campaign? What are the rules? With so many video creators hoping for some fame (or infamy), it’s nearly a mystery why some videos spread like a pandemic plague while others are inoculated failures. We say nearly, because the insight for rising above the masses […]


Twitter Advertisers Can Now Schedule Tweets

Yesterday, October 14, Twitter made a vital change that will make the ‘tweetpeeps’ excited, especially the advertisers—as it was particularly made for them. The update allows them to time their tweets to a specific time (in case they forgot, or can’t tweet at the time they wanted); this also gives them the chance to place […]


5 Gadgets That Flopped Since The 2000s

Technology has come a long way; it has done a lot of amazing things and brought us to great lengths. But that’s not without some bumps in the road. The industry is an unfair hit or miss, if it sells well enough, you will PROBABLY be labelled as a genius. If it doesn’t, you will […]

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