Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Microsoft Office 365

There are many articles on the web that discuss why businesses should undergo Office 365 migration. Most of these are focused on the advantages and disadvantages on old versions of MS Office versus the new one. Most people are attracted to the features like Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Skype. In this article, CMSIT Australia (an IT company based in Sydney) will discuss that there are more reasons to these features as to why your organization should make the switch.


These awesome features should not be your only reason to migrate. Your business should appreciate the values that these features have to offer for your organization. Office 365 brings a lot of advantages, examples of these include improved productivity and significant cost reduction.


With this in mind, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider to Office 365 migration for your company:

1.) Increase in Productivity – There are three main features of Office 365 that enable a more productive workforce.

  • Microsoft Office 365 is cross-platform. It can work on PCs, Macs and any mobile device. Once you successfully complete an Office 365 migration, your employees can access all its features regardless of any device. They can access files via smartphones. They can do their work with a laptop or a desktop.
  • Another benefit of Office 365 migration is that your employees can work anytime/anywhere. Even if they are on the field or in the office, they can easily access company information and take action on it. As long as they have the internet, you can be assured they can be productive.
  • Sharing and collaboration is the main theme built inside Office 365. If an employee changes a spreadsheet, your team can track them. Your organization can do versioning. This assures that everyone is aligned on the stuff they are working on.


2.) Deployment Flexibility – There are many ways Office 365 can be deployed for your business. The suite offers a wide array of choices that cater to the security needs and urgency of the Office 365 migration.

  • On-premise deployment- companies can choose from the following: Office 365 Business, Business Premium, E3 or ProPlus plans. All these come with the full local install versions of latest Microsoft Office. These features allow businesses to deploy with consistency. It is as if you are running the old versions but with the added benefits of Office 365.
  • Cloud Deployment- If you do not want to maintain servers you can choose this option. Basically, your company get to enjoy Office 365 and at the same time you can migrate backend services like Sharepoint and Excel through the cloud
  • Hybrid deployment- There are some businesses who want a hybrid approach for this suite. Organizations can deploy both on-premises and in the cloud. Businesses can get the Office 365 on the cloud but they want their Active Directory and Sharepoint servers within their premises. This solution is ideal for those who want flexibility and prefer to control the security of these key services within their office.

3.) Easy Way to Manage Costs – A few years ago, the practice of most corporations is that they buy licenses of Office in bulk. If an employee decides to resign or the company decides to reduce manpower, they incur these costs. They can’t return the excess license to Microsoft.

Office 365 migration allows companies to scale up or down based on their needs. You only pay for the seats that you use. You can now apply this flexible licensing to your Sharepoint, Skype and Exchange servers. Companies that have migrated enjoy tremendous savings because of this.

4.) Easy to Get Updates – Office 365 subscribers can easily get the recent updates regardless what the organization used as deployment. In the past, access to updated versions of Office requires purchasing the software license wholesale.

Just subscribe to Office 365 and you get unlimited updates from your subscription. This is way easier compared to the past.

5.) Reliable Support and Migration –
if you don’t have an IT personnel, you can outsource all the technical work to CMSIT Australia. Our company can handle all the migration stuff for you. Your team can continue working while we do the migration on the background.

Once migration is done, you can get CMSIT Australia’s support to continue managing your Office 365. This eliminates the hassle of hiring and training technical people to manage your own systems. You can



Office 365 is the future for office productivity and collaboration.  It is inevitable that organizations will use these kinds of tools to make their team more agile and efficient. The question is when should your organization migrate? The best time to migrate is now