Why Your Data is Secure When Using Office 365 Security Features


Many businesses are now exploring Office 365 for their companies. Many of them love it but hesitate because of concerns about security and privacy. Business owners are worried about hosting content elsewhere other than their servers. Here are the top reasons why you should feel safe with Office 365 migration.


Top 6 Reasons Why Data is Secure in Office 365 Migration


#1 Physical Security of Service- when you run Office 365 migration, all your files and systems will be hosted in Microsoft data centers. Microsoft does not disclose where their facilities are situated.


As an IT company, we find this valuable for our clients. Having non-disclosed facility prevents physical tampering or hacking caused by industrial cyber-sabotage. The anonymity helps prevent competitors or disgruntled employees from physically tapping your IT resource.

Based on our experience as an IT company, we saw a security hole when we use co-located servers. There are cases wherein people of these data centers disclose the identity of the company using a server rack. Anonymity is very important especially if you have centralized repositories.


#2 Data Encryption – with an Office 365 migration you can be ensured all your data is encrypted. Microsoft uses Bitlocker encryption on all their storage servers. They also implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) over HTTP. SSL helps make sure no one is able to read your data as it travels over the internet.


Another security layer implemented is IRM over the documents.  Information Rights Management allows companies to restrict permission on contents like documents, workbooks, and presentations.  IRM helps organizations enforce corporate policy governing the control and dissemination of confidential or proprietary information.


#3 Information Privacy– Based on our experiences with an IT company, we noticed a disadvantage of using other cloud platforms such as Facebook and Gmail. These platforms often crawl your data and use it to target ads. With Office 365 you won’t encounter this.


#4 Backup Strategy – When you run an Office 365 migration, you can be assured that all your data are backed up. Microsoft employs multiple layers of redundancy and backup. If you encounter problems on your data, you can restore it. Years ago, it will cost an arm and a leg to hire an IT company to do this for you. Here you get this at affordable rates through subscription.


#5 Strong Passwords and Authentication– Protecting your digital identity is very important nowadays. This identity should be protected since it gives you access to all essential information. This is why Microsoft took stops in ensuring passwords are well-protected.

With an Office 365 migration, you can be assured that your passwords will not be exploited by brute force attack. Your employees will be required to use complex passwords. You can enable multi-factor authentication to add another layer of security.

#6 Termination Allowance– if in case your subscription has ended, you are automatically given a timeframe to take your data away after the terminated subscription. Organizations have enough time to move data from resigned employees.  This is pretty nifty as it helps reduce subscription costs while ensuring a smooth transition of data.

We strongly recommend that your business implement Office 365. Migrating to cloud is not “dangerous” as you think. You can enjoy security and cost-efficiency for your organization through this platform. If you need an IT company to help your migration journey feel free to contact us.